YERT’s West Coast Screening Tour BEGINS

Dear YERTians,

Our West Coast Tour is taking shape, with screenings scheduled in over 15 cities, and we’d love for you to meet us in person along the way! Read on for more details…

At Long Last: YERT’s West Coast Tour Details!

We’re super excited about our upcoming tour – 7,000 miles and screenings all around the country, particularly in Washington State, Oregon, and California. Please take a look at our full and evolving tour schedule here, and tell your friends about these imminent screenings! We don’t have a big PR team – just us, our hosts, and a couple volunteers – so your e-mail blasts to friends and family REALLY matter. Feel free to grab blurbs and pics from our online presskit.

SCREENING in Madison, Wisconsin on Saturday, 2/11, 4:30pm
This is a special double feature with our friends at the amazing Within Reach documentary. A double dose of road-tripping fun. Mark Dixon (YERT Producer) and Ryan Mlynarczyk (Within Reach Director) will be there for discussion during and after the film. (Arboretum Cohousing, 1137 Erin St., Madison, WI 53715)

SCREENING in Minneapolis, Minnesota on Sunday, 2/12, 4:00pm
We’ve got friends from the original YERT road trip in Minneapolis, and they’re hosting a YERT screening at their awesome eco-products store, Moss Envy. A giant thanks to Ryan and Tina for rolling out the “Green Carpet” for our second screening on tour. (Moss Envy, 3056 Excelsior Blvd, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55416)

SCREENING in Fargo, North Dakota on Monday, 2/13, 6:30pm
A big thanks to Nicole and David Crutchfield for putting together this wonderful screening. Also friends from the first YERT tour, they were an island of fun hospitality during our first visit, and they’re pulling out all the stops for us in their home of Fargo.
(The Historic Fargo Theatre, 314 Broadway, Fargo, ND 58102 February 13, 2012)

Additional Screenings:
(click here for detailed calendar and new screenings updated daily)
2/11 – Bedford, NY
2/13 – Honolulu, HI
2/16 – Emmitsburg, MD
2/19 – Elkader, IA
2/20 – Missoula, MT (Big Sky Film Fest on TOUR)
2/21 – Lake Forest College, IL
2/29 – Bellingham, WA (TOUR)
3/1 – Bainbridge Island, WA (TOUR)
3/2 – Seattle, WA (TOUR)
3/3 – Portland, OR (TOUR)
3/3 – Louisville, KY (Film excerpts + Director Q&A)
3/9 – San Luis Obispo, CA (SLOIFF Film Fest on TOUR)
3/10 – San Luis Obispo, CA (SLOIFF Film Fest on TOUR)
3/13 – Charlotte, NC (Charlotte Film Festival)
3/15 – Berkeley, CA (TOUR)
3/18 – Presidio Sustainable MBA Program, SF, CA (Private Screening on TOUR)
3/21 – Athens, GA (EcoFocus Film Festival)
3/25 – Denver, CO (TOUR)
3/30 – YERT’s UK Premiere at Botanic Gardens Edinburgh

That’s all of the updates for now. We have a pile of new festival announcements to share with you, but we’ll save that for another day. Please be sure to tell us how your eco-efforts are going on YERT’s Facebook page. Enjoy the brisk season…

Mark, Ben, and Julie

— Quote from a YERT Screening Host —

“Movie screening was (a) HIT in Woodstock IL at the Woodstock HS, we had about 40 adult and 50 students from a few different HSs. Sold all 10 DVDs and have a waiting list! They loved the movie and inspired several to sign up for Transition. Also spoke to a few more teachers that want to get more engaged with their students and activities. Very cool, had an awesome adrenalin rush.” – Doug Close, McHenry Transition, IL

Our tour is supported primarily by DVD sales
Click here to buy the YERT Film on DVD

YERT Screening at Heinz History Center for Steeltown Contest + West Coast Tour!

Dear YERTians,

We’re thrilled to announce a new partnership with Steeltown Entertainment’s “Take a Shot at Changing the World” competition, with a kick-off event that includes a YERT screening in Pittsburgh just one week from now! Read on for more information and some YERTy news about our upcoming West Coast Tour…

  • YERT Screens at Heinz History Center to Launch Steeltown’s “Take a Shot” Contest on Jan. 29!
  • Sign Up to Host a Screening During Our Imminent West Coast Tour
  • YERT Film DVD Sales Going Strong

YERT Screens at Heinz History Center to Launch Steeltown’s “Take a Shot” Contest on Jan. 29!

Please join us on January 29th at 2:30 p.m. at The Heinz History Center where students, parents, educators, and the general public are invited to a FREE SCREENING of the film “YERT: Your Environmental Road Trip.” At the event you’ll also have an opportunity to learn more about the “Take a Shot to Change the World” competition, in which students can make a movie that makes a difference and win up to $10,000 in prizes. Tickets for the screening are first come, first serve. To attend, please RSVP with or call 412-622-1325. More information about the screening AND the contest at

Sign Up to Host a Screening During Our Imminent West Coast Tour

We’ve learned that the absolute best way to get the word out about the YERT film and all of the amazing stories IN the film is to meet our audiences. In person! So we’re hitting the road again for a big West Coast Tour in late February and all of March (with a few screenings on the trip out and back). We don’t have our schedule locked yet, so now’s the time to entice us, encourage us, and help us visit you wherever you are! Here’s what we need…

  • Screening hosts. We’ll screen anywhere: house parties, theaters, community centers– we just need you to help organize the events. We can even set up a our own mini-theater with supplies we’ll bring along.
  • Places to stay. We’ll have bedding supplies. We just need a place to put them down.
  • People to film. We would love to share a few new stories about what’s happening across America.

The tour will be funded by donations, DVD sales, and lots of love. Screening fees for events that we visit on tour are requested but not mandatory. Check out our rough itinerary (totally subject to change) and Google Map Route, then sign up to host a screening here. Be sure to note that you want an “on tour” screening!

YERT Film DVD Sales Going Strong
We’ve been delighted by the number of people who have purchased YERT DVD’s during the last two months. So much enthusiastic feedback, too! You can order yours at our online store. Share them with friends. Give them as gifts. Help us wake up this country and get on a sustainable path. (Bulk pricing is now available – contact for details).

We hope you had a nourishing and delicious holiday season, filled with rich, close community encounters. Did you watch our film with family? How did it go? Tell us about it on Facebook. Until next time…

Mark, Ben, and Julie

— Quote from Janaia Donaldson’s Review of YERT —

“This well-produced overview of important environmental issues and sampler of creative responses is optimistic without being pollyanna. We loved it. Smiles amid the serious stuff and the inspiring innovators. A chance to meet some of our heros and watch young people learn lots. We hope to follow in their footsteps and bring Peak Moment TV viewers longer chats with many of YERT’s interviewees. With five film festival awards (and counting), YERT is an inspiring one-movie environmental film festival for EveryTown. ”
– Janaia Donaldson, Peak Moment TV

YERT feature film – KY Premiere – July 28, 7pm @ Louisville Science Center!

YERT Film Poster for Louisville
The YERT Film poster is an homage to films that have undoubtedly influenced many environmental documentaries: Charlie’s Angels and The Ten Commandments . Conceived/designed by Ben Evans and created by local Louisville graphic artist Kyle Ware.

“…A deeply absorbing and often hilarious road trip… By the dramatic end of Your Environmental Road Trip, audiences will not only cheer, but feel compelled to spring to their feet to join an inspiring movement for change. If only our nation’s policymakers will watch this important film and do the same.”
– Jeff Biggers, Huffington Post

(One night only and seating is limited, so get your tickets early.)

YERT: Your Environmental Road Trip is an award-winning film (Audience Award – Environmental Film Festival at Yale 2011) celebrating the American spirit in the face of adversity – a unique docu-comedy profiling the courageous and creative individuals, groups, businesses and leaders of this country who are tackling the greatest environmental threats in history.


(One night only and seating is limited, so get your tickets early.)

Covering 50 states in 1 year and virtually every environmental issue coast to coast with a blend of humor and depth – from the heroes on the front lines fighting mountaintop removal in Appalachia to the iconic Kansan “solving the 10,000 yr-old problem of agriculture”; from an eccentric 92-year old cave-man in the wilds of Idaho to the inventor of futuristic Solar Roadways; from New Mexico’s utopian Earthships to Alaska’s melting ice cellars – we shot 600 hours of footage and interviewed nearly 1000 people including such luminaries as Bill McKibben, Wes Jackson, Michael Bloomberg, Deepak Chopra, Janine Benyus, Will Allen, David Orr, Michael Reynolds, Joel Salatin, David Korten, and members of Congress…as well as ordinary citizens from all walks of life.

To better understand the environmental challenges before us, Mark, Julie, and I also decided to put ourselves through a series of outrageous challenges on the trip, like never turning on an incandescent light bulb, radically reducing our water usage by any means necessary, and, above all, attempting to generate zero waste by keeping all of our garbage (and recyclables) in the car with us for the entire year. Little did we know that in the middle of the trip, an unexpected turn of events would instantly and dramatically change life for all of us and push the entire project to the brink. It was an alternately heart-rending, mind-blowing, and gut-busting adventure – but ultimately, we hope, an inspiring one.

Crafting the film has been as challenging as surviving the trip itself. Edited and post-produced primarily in Louisville, the movie bears the marks of a variety of the city’s local talent (in addition to Ben and Julie…and frequent visitor Mark) including co-producer Gill Holland, co-editor/co-producer Scott Irick, animation from Eric Stemen at Kertis Creative, and music from Ben Sollee and Daniel Martin Moore among others – as well as invaluable help from a wonderful group of local donors, transcribers, and supporters. After more than four years in the making, the film will have its Louisville Premiere (generously sponsored by both the Louisville Science Center and the Louisville Film Society) on July 28th at 7pm @ The Louisville Science Center. A Q&A with the filmmakers will follow.


(One night only and seating is limited, so get your tickets early.)

Tremendous thanks to Louisville for such incredible support over the last few years. We can’t wait to see you at this very special event!

Ben Evans
DIRECTOR / co-Producer

YERT wins Audience Award at EFFY 2011 World Premiere!!

After a fantastic world premiere at EFFY 2011 (the Environmental Film Festival at Yale) – complete with packed house, laughter, tears, two standing ovations, and friends and family all around – we’re proud to announce today that the YERT film just won the Audience Award at the festival – in a tie with Oscar-nominated “Waste Land”!! Read all about it HERE.

If you would like to find or request a YERT feature film screening in your area, click HERE.

Thanks to anyone and everyone who has helped this project over the last 4+ years. This one’s for you, YERTians!

This film’s been a long time coming – but the real fun has just begun. Get ready world, here we come!


Ben, Mark, & Julie

Great turnout at Pitt Mini-Screening!

Last week’s mini-screening and presentation at Pitt went very well! It seems that each time we have a presentation these days the buzz is building for the film and project, translating into more and more local action around a variety of environmental causes.

At the beginning of the event, as over 100 attendees filed into the auditorium, various student and community groups got up on stage to introduce themselves and the work to which they’re dedicated. Free the Earth, PSEC, Transition Pittsburgh, a new student peak oil group, and Greenpeace, to name a few, leveraged the YERT gathering to connect with the community.

We then screened a mini cut from the YERT feature film, followed by an extensive discussion with the audience for nearly two hours. Questions from the evening ranged from “how can you live your passion AND pay off student loans?” (live with friends and family to save money, shop at thrift stores, and MUCH more…) all the way to “What was your favorite state?” (VT).

We have lots of YERT events coming up, and MANY more in the pipeline that we have yet to announce. We would love to visit and help you kick-start local environmental action in your area. Check out our handy calendar here: and click on this link there to request an event in your area!


Standing room only at YERT screening!

img_0281.JPGWow! What an evening! I’m writing to thank ALL of you who attended last night’s YERT rough-cut screening at the Pittsburgh Filmmakers. I figure we had over 80 people packed into a screening room that only seats 53. (A special thanks to those who sat on the floor. 😉

(Here’s a picture of the eco-gingerbread house raffle prize!)–>

I can’t tell you how thrilling it was to show up last night and find so many friendly faces so excited to see the film. And then to see you all laughing, smiling, and even crying a bit through over two hours of sitting– well, the YERT team and I couldn’t have hoped for more.

Thanks again to Councilman Bill Peduto for kicking off the event, to Sheila Collins and Richard Citrin for closing it, and for all the helping hands all night long who made the event run as smoothly as it did.

I’d also like to thank Will Zavala for inviting me to share the YERT film at his ongoing DocSalon series. You can find more information about future DocSalon events at their website:

And a special thanks to Salt of the Earth for donating the $50 “Dinner with the Filmmaker” for our raffle. Please support Salt and its brilliant chef/owner, Kevin Sousa, when you get the chance:

Until next time,
Mark (and Ben and Julie)

P.S. If you haven’t signed up for the YERT mailing list, please do: . That’s the best place to learn when and how to get your own copy, watch, or screen the film after it is released.

P.P.S. You can check out photos of the eco-gingerbread house here.