Louisville Premiere + More Good News…

Dear YERTians,

Welcome to the latest update on all things YERT! Lots of exciting news this week. Read on for details…

  • Louisville Premiere on July 28!
  • YERT is an Official Selection at Route 66 Int’l Film Festival
  • Success at deadCENTER Film Festival
  • Premiere Planning in KY, PA, CA, TX, NY, OR, WA, DC, and Europe
  • Seeking Outreach Volunteers

Louisville Premiere on July 28!
You are warmly invited to the Louisville Premiere of the feature documentary “YERT: Your Environmental Road Trip” on July 28th at 7pm (7pm is filled up! Second screening at 9:15pm) @ The Louisville Science Center. (Reserve your tickets here.) Edited and post-produced primarily in Louisville, the movie bears the marks of a variety of the city’s local talent (some of whom will be at the Louisville Premiere) including Director/co-Producer Ben Evans, YERT-mama Julie Evans, Co-producer Gill Holland, Co-editor/Co-producer Scott Irick, animation from Eric Stemen at Kertis Creative, and music from Ben Sollee and Daniel Martin Moore among others – as well as invaluable help from a wonderful group of local donors, transcribers, and supporters. After more than four years in the making, the film will have its Louisville Premiere on July 28th at 7pm (7pm is filled up! Second screening at 9:15pm) @ The Louisville Science Center’s IMAX Theatre. The screening will be followed by a special Q&A with Ben Evans, Julie Evans, and Scott Irick – hosted by Gill Holland. Tremendous thanks to the Louisville Science Center, the Louisville Film Society, and the Green Building for so generously sponsoring this premiere and to the entire Louisville community for such incredible support over the last few years. We can’t wait to see you at this very special event!

Ticket reservations for the Louisville Premiere are essential and seats are filling quickly. Reserve your tickets here: http://yertreservations.questionpro.com/

YERT is an Official Selection at Route 66 Int’l Film Festival
We just received word that the YERT Film has become an “Official Selection” at the ultimate road-tripping film festival – the Route 66 International Film Festival in Springfield, IL. They liked the film so much that YERT will be featured in a special advance screening prior to the film festival, hosted by the Chairman of the Illinois Sierra Club, Will Reynolds. Ben will be in attendance at the screening for Q&A, on Aug. 9, 7-10pm at the Capital City Bar and Grill, 3149 S. Dirksen Parkway, Springfield, IL. If you know anybody in the area who might enjoy our special flavor of “environmental anti-depressant,” send them to the screening!

Success at deadCENTER Film Festival
YERT was extremely well received at the deadCENTER Film Fest in Oklahoma City! Over 160 people saw the film via two separate screenings, and out of 107 films, YERT was the most highly rated and most reviewed film at the entire festival. You can see for yourself here. And we’ve included some of the reviews at the bottom of this e-mail. We also had a successful “meet and greet” event during Mark’s visit to OKC, bringing together young and old, experienced and new YERTians from the area for a candid discussion about sustainability at the local level. A big THANKS to deadCENTER for being such a fun, welcoming festival! Thanks also to Elemental Coffee for hosting the gathering, and to Transition OKC, Sustainable OKC, Fresh Greens Blog, and Cimarron Group of the Sierra Club.

Premiere Planning in KY, PA, CA, TX, NY, OR, WA, DC, and Europe
We’re continuing to roll out the YERT film at premieres around the country. The Louisville premiere comes up next, and we’ll soon be announcing premiere dates for Pittsburgh, PA and California (San Francisco). We would also like to have premiere events in Portland (OR), Seattle (WA), New York (NY), Austin (TX), and Washington (DC), and an international premiere. Do you know organizations or individuals in these cities that you think would be helpful collaborators in creating a strong YERT premiere? Please encourage them to contact us ASAP at team@yert.com! And if you’d like to arrange a screening near you, wherever you are, premiere or not, you can always do that at our screening page.

Seeking Outreach Volunteers
We have two talented, connected, and dedicated interns (Angela Wiley and Laura Beck) working to plan screenings, develop a press kit, and generally boost YERT’s outreach efforts, but we need more help! Would you like to spend a couple hours each week as an outreach volunteer? Click here to sign up and we’ll follow-up with you by e-mail and phone. We particularly need active grass-roots development in these states: KY, PA, CA, TX, NY, OR, WA, DC. Sign up today!

And that’s the latest news from YERT. You can join the conversation on Facebook, and we’ll see you again soon!

Ben, Mark, and Julie

— NEW Quotes from YERT Film Audiences —

“The Fellini trio of the climate justice movement, the YERT film crew has managed to pull off the impossible in the world of cinema–a deeply absorbing and often hilarious road trip that confronts the badlands of our nation’s spiraling descent into dirty energy darkness, only to emerge along the solar roadways and wind-swept plains into the myriad possibilities for new power and sustainable living. By the dramatic end of Your Environmental Road Trip, audiences will not only cheer, but feel compelled to spring to their feet to join an inspiring movement for change. If only our nation’s policymakers will watch this important film and do the same.” – Jeff Biggers, author, Huffington Post

“This was an exceptional documentary. It had the 3 E’s of any good documentary. It was entertaining, emotional and educational. Forget the Tea Party. Working on alternative energy sources and getting humans to work toward sustainable lifestyles, needs to be the next American Revolution.” – deadCENTER Film Fest audience member

“Wow! One of the best eco-documentaries I’ve seen. Loaded with information. Why havn’t I heard of the revolutionary, forward thinking people in this film before? A real eye opener; not just to the environmental issues but to the popular media and their inability to bring this information to the masses. Great movie!” – deadCENTER Film Fest audience member”

Q&A featuring Mark with Lance McDaniel, Executive Director of the deadCENTER Film Fest.