Mark is releasing a new eco-documentary re: Rachel Carson!

Hey, YERTians! Did you know that we nicknamed the YERTmobile “Rachel ‘the Car’ Carson,” in honor of the renowned environmentalist and author? Well, the love affair continues, and today I’m happy to announce that after two years I have finally completed a brand new documentary–this one about Rachel Carson, entitled, “The Power of One Voice: A 50-Year Perspective on the Life of Rachel Carson.” You can find the film’s website at You can see the trailer here:

The film is a groundbreaking documentary examining the life of Rachel Carson and the profound implications of her environmental work. And if you happen to live in Pittsburgh, you can catch the upcoming Pgh premiere screening on January 29, 2015, at 7:00 P.M. at the National Aviary.

There are limited seats available. Tickets handled via Eventbrite:

New POOV DVD Cover snapshot mini 160x225Perfect for classrooms, community events, or private viewing, The Power of One Voice pulls insights from a variety of speakers at the 50-year anniversary celebration of Silent Spring held at Chatham University and The National Aviary on April 11-12, 2012. This film explores the historical context of Carson’s remarkable achievements and renews her prescient warnings for the modern era.

Notable interviews include renowned Rachel Carson expert and historian, Linda Lear, and a rare interview with Rachel Carson’s adopted son, Roger Christie. Additional interviews include professor Louis Guillette, author Scott Weidensaul, U.S. Fish and Wildlife historian Mark Madison, journalist Don Hopey, and Patricia DeMarco, Former Director of the Rachel Carson Institute at Chatham University.

Today, Rachel Carson remains a role model and inspiration for people across the globe, even as the controversy created by her challenge to the chemical industry continues unabated. By highlighting the power of Carson’s voice, we hope to inspire others to add their voices to this essential conversation.

~Mark Dixon (Director/Producer) (and Patricia DeMarco, Executive Producer)

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