YERT is now on Netflix/iTunes/Amazon this Earth Day. Show your love with a review and rating!

Dear YERTians,

Happy Earth Day! There are always too many things to do on Earth Day, but we can’t help ourselves. Today is a great day to watch, share, review, and rate YERT on a few key platforms!

The YERT feature film is now available at…

That’s right! YERT is now available on some very familiar platforms: Netflix (currently on Netflix Streaming only– please keep requesting it on Netflix DVD!), iTunes (rent and download-to-own), and Amazon (DVD). Turns out that we could use some good ratings and reviews on each of those platforms. So if you feel inclined to help get YERT’s message out further into the mainstream, take two minutes this Earth Day to give us a good review/rating, and who knows? Maybe somebody will be moved to click and watch because of your recommendation. And maybe their life will be turned a little greener. Or a lot. We certainly hope so.

Watch/Share/Review/Rate YERT on Netflix

Watch/Share/Review/Rate YERT on iTunes

Buy/Share/Review/Rate YERT on Amazon

And while we’re asking people our friends to submit reviews, today is the last day to submit your comments to the State Department about the Keystone XL pipeline. If you haven’t yet, please take a few minutes to share your opinion– is trying to get to one million comments, and we need 50k more in the next 24 hours to get there. Can you help?

Please comment on the Keystone XL Pipeline!

Enjoy Earth Day, and thanks for your support!

YERTfully Yours,
Ben, Mark, and Julie

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