Help us convince NETFLIX to carry YERT

Dear YERTians,

Turns out that we’re still in the running for getting on NETFLIX, but they aren’t convinced yet. It appears that if we keep up the pressure and enough of us add YERT to our DVD queues (we’re not up for streaming yet), NETFLIX might eventually be convinced to carry us, and then you can watch the film for free! Woohoo!

Would you add YERT to your Netflix DVD queue?

And… if we get a TON of people to add us, then they might even give us a monetary advance on our film.


To add YERT to your DVD queue, log into your Netflix account. Then you just need to search for “YERT” and we should pop up. Then add us to your DVD queue.

And while you’re there, if you want to give us a sweet rating and/or a review, please go for it! We have four beautiful ratings last we checked, but we can always use more. It all helps, and we truly appreciate every single one of your efforts to show your support.

Please add YERT to your Netflix DVD queue! WOOT!

With Hearty Thanks,
Ben, Mark, and Julie

3 thoughts on “Help us convince NETFLIX to carry YERT

  1. Finally, someone is really trying to get something going. A fire needs to be lit under some lazy bums. In other defense, it’s hard to know where to begin and I hope you can steer folks in the right direction. I’m team BMJ.

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