Last chance to help YERT get onto Netflix!

Dear YERTians,

We wanted to send one more friendly reminder to add YERT to your DVD queue on Netflix. As we mentioned in our previous newsletter, our feature film, “YERT – Your Environmental Road Trip”, is up for consideration by Netflix, and we need your help RIGHT NOW to get them to carry us!

Add YERT to your Netflix DVD queue before Oct. 1!

It’s basically like a popularity contest. If a lot of people (like you) to add YERT to their Netflix DVD queue (not considered for streaming just yet), then they’re more likely to include us on their service. And if we get a LOT a LOT a LOT of people to add us, then they might even give us a monetary advance on our film.


Basically you just need to search for “YERT” and we should pop up. Then add us to your DVD queue. (A nice BONUS is that if you keep us there and enough people do this, you’ll get to see our spankin’ new official release of the film as soon as it’s out for FREE as part of your Netflix subscription.)

And while you’re there, if you want to give us a sweet rating and/or a review, please go for it! We have four beautiful ratings last we checked, but we can always use more. It all helps, and we truly appreciate every single one of your efforts to show your support.

Please add YERT to your Netflix DVD queue! WOOT!

We’re trying to get as many queue sign-ups as humanly possible by OCTOBER 1st, so please tell your friends and family, and queue us up to help the planet! 🙂

Ben, Mark, and Julie

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