YERT Awarded Best Eco Film at SOAPIFF + More News

Dear YERTians,

We continue to receive overwhelmingly positive feedback about the YERT film, as we travel from screening to screening to meet audiences around the country. It seems that people everywhere are ready for, as we like to say, “an environmental documentary film that isn’t depressing.” Read on for more news…

  • YERT is “Best Environmental Film” at SOAPIFF!
  • The International Premiere of YERT in COSTA RICA
  • More Upcoming Screenings (KY, CA, CT, MO, GA, PA)
  • DC Screening Success!
  • Exploring Distribution Options

YERT is “Best Environmental Film” at SOAPIFF!
We’re thrilled to announce that the YERT film received another award – this time from the Southern Appalachian International Film Festival, or SOAPIFF for short. We have a special chapter in our film that specifically grapples with mountaintop removal mining (MTR) in West Virginia, featuring a flight on SouthWings, an interview with several MTR activists including Larry Gibson, and beautiful music by Ben Sollee (in this case, “Panning for Gold“). It is our small tribute to those working hard to rescue Appalachia from mining companies that are actively working to scrape life from the region. Learn more and get involved at

The International Premiere of YERT in COSTA RICA
Ben will be heading down to one of the most environmentally forward-thinking countries on earth for the International Premiere of YERT at the Costa Rica International Film Festival! The YERT film’s reputation is starting to open doors on its own, and we were invited by the festival to apply. One thing let to another, and now Ben is going to need some non-toxic sunscreen for his hop down to Costa Rica for the big event: Wednesday, Nov. 16, 8pm, at the El Sano Banano in Montezuma, Costa Rica (Nicoya Peninsula). I know that most of you probably aren’t planning to swing down there next week, but we definitely want you all to know about it. (For the record, in 2010 Costa Rica ranked 3rd in the world on the Environmental Performance Index developed at Yale and Columbia Universities. The United States placed 61st.)

More Upcoming Screenings
There can never be too many YERT screenings, and we’re glad to announce a fresh batch of events before Thanksgiving! We have over 10 screenings planned around the country during the next week. Check out our screenings page for more details and our calendar of events. And don’t forget to tell your friends and family to go see the YERT Film in their area! Here’s a quick reference list of events coming up through the end of November:

(click each for details or here for full calendar)

*Mark attending for Q&A
**Ben attending for Q&A
***Mark + Ben attending for Q&A
°Mark or Ben for videochat Q&A

DC Screening Success!
With barely two days of lead time, we packed the house with over 40 very enthusiastic viewers at last weekend’s YERT screening in Washington DC, then sold 17 DVDs after a standing ovation and extended Q&A with both Mark and Ben. The screening was designed to coincide with the Tar Sands Action, and we handed out over 1,000 fliers to a huge crowd of activists (10,000+) gathered all around the White House. Not only did the screening go well, but the larger event (protesting the possible KXL pipeline from the tar sands in Canada) was a great success! Obama decided to delay approval of the pipeline – and most analysts believe that the news spells the end for the project. A W E S O M E. Read Bill McKibben’s full report here.

<--Photos from the screening in DC! Exploring Distribution Options
We don’t have a lot to report here yet, but we have received a steady stream of interest from distributors, agents, and others interested in helping us get the YERT film seen more widely around the country, and the world. Stay tuned – we’re looking at possible screening tours, Earth Day/Week/Month events, and generally brainstorming about how to get the film in front of more peole. Got ideas? Please e-mail them to us at

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and we have so much to give thanks for here at YERT. Thank you for your enthusiastic support and encouragement. And don’t forget to join the conversation on Facebook. Peace out.

Ben, Mark, and Julie

— New Endorsements of the YERT Film —

“Here’s a trip you’ll wish you’d taken, and you’ll be glad you get to watch!”
-Bill McKibben, Author and Environmentalist

“Our whole family digs it! The YERT eco-cinematic journey is an important, funky, infuriating, dirty, corny, (nearly) trash-free, wiggly, personal, yummy, hilarious, timely, irreverent and heart-warming exploration of the creative American mind as it faces it’s greatest challenge. Ever.” -Dr. Wallace J. Nichols, Research Associate, California Academy of Sciences

Activists marching with a giant fake oil pipeline outside the White House.

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