YERT Screening w/ Ben TOMORROW in Springfield, IL

The YERT Film is an “Official Selection” at the ultimate road-tripping film festival – the Route 66 International Film Festival in Springfield, IL. They liked the film so much that YERT will be featured in a special advance screening prior to the film festival, hosted by the Chairman of the Illinois Sierra Club, Will Reynolds. Ben will be in attendance at the screening for Q&A, on Aug. 9, 7-10pm at the Capital City Bar and Grill, 3149 S. Dirksen Parkway, Springfield, IL. If you know anybody in the area who might enjoy our special flavor of “environmental anti-depressant,” send them to the screening!

1 thought on “YERT Screening w/ Ben TOMORROW in Springfield, IL

  1. What a great evening with Ben and Julie and their miracle baby Bailey! They did a wonderful Q&A and Bailey participated by singing a song. If you haven’t seen this film, you must seek it out. It would make a great TV series as they have so many stories that just couldn’t fit into a feature-length film. Ben, Julie and Mark have inspired me to be more careful about how I treat the environment.

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