Building buzz for our next screening – in Oklahoma City @ deadCENTER!

Hello YERTians!

Fresh off an Audience Award-winning world premiere at the Environmental Film Festival at Yale, we’re very excited to kick off YERT’s major festival run on 6/9 and 6/11 at the 11th Annual deadCENTER Film Festival – one of MovieMaker Magazine’s “Top 20 Coolest Film Festivals in the World” – and we need YOUR support (in person OR remotely from distant lands)! Even if you’re nowhere near Oklahoma, you can still help us easily, painlessly, and hugely – simply click on our festival link below and click “Like”. That’s it.

Clicking on the link is a quick, simple, and free way to help us build crucial BUZZ for the YERT film heading into this important festival and beyond. This link will be a portal for us for a number of festivals to follow, so building positive BUZZ early on at this festival is extremely important and will really help us down the road at future festivals as we try to get the YERT film out to as wide an audience as possible (hopefully at a screening near you :)). So please do take a second if you can to click on the link – and “Like” us once you get there.

And if you’re in or near Oklahoma, we’d love to actually see you at the festival. You can add us to your festival calendar at that same link above – that really helps too.

We’re looking forward to sharing the full film in person with all of you as soon as possible – festival by festival, screening by screening. In the meantime, you can help us get one step closer to that dream by BUZZing us up for this festival at that link. After all, BUZZ for YERT = BUZZ for the planet. 🙂

Thanks in advance!

Ben, Mark, & Julie


The deadCENTER Film Festival has been around for 11 years, providing a platform for great independent film in the heart of Oklahoma. Over the years, we’ve grown from a one night screening to a five day, world renowned festival.

The 2011 deadCENTER Film Festival is June 8-12 and includes over 100 films from around the world playing in seven locations in downtown Oklahoma City.

From hilarious comedies and inspiring documentaries to visionary shorts and zombie musicals, deadCENTER features films from a hundred different perspectives for a thousand different tastes.

For complete festival info and to purchase festival tickets, head to .

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