Uplifting feedback from the YERT Premiere

Dear YERTians,

After the YERT feature film premiere at EFFY, we received a whole lot of wonderful, supportive feedback about the film. I wanted to take a moment to share one of our favorites with you today:

Hey YERT Team!

I literally left the world premiere of your brilliant film at the Yale Environmental Film Fest and I did not get a chance to listen to you guys answer questions because we had to leave right after, unfortunately. At my high school, I am a member of GRAC = Grass Roots Action Club and tonight some of the members came out to see your film, and we were absolutely blown away. First, may I say that the music that was chosen for the film was perfect, so perfect, in fact, that I wanted to buy the soundtrack to your film right after it was over. On a more relative note, your film truly opened my eyes even further about really making a difference and “the best investment you can make is in the community.” That line was really one of the most impacting themes of the film. I do not want to bore you with repetitive words like “amazing” or “wonderful” (though this film deserves it) because I am sure that you probably have so many more emails to look through, so I just want to end on a good note by saying that your commitment to this full year project really made a difference in people¬ís lives. I know that I and the GRAC members walked away even more knowledgeable about the world around us and how we can keep it safe. Brilliant work guys really…and lastly, in the middle of the film I turned to my friend sitting beside me and said “This deserves an Academy Award.”
Absolutely amazing work, you deserve all the praise!

Thank You,
Jessica Teixeira
West Haven High School

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  1. Hey YERT crew members.
    I am the girl Jess said “This deserves an Academy Award” to. My name is Yasani and I agree with everything Jess said in her fabulous letter (especially the soundtrack part; we were taping our feet the whole time). Can I just say I am extremely excited that you are possibly coming to the GRAC film festival on May 27th. Your film was an inspiration to me so meeting you will be amazing. I, a huge (let me repeat HUGE) procrastinator, have begun my quest to become eco friendly. I have always tried but never had the ability to carry it out, and now I am 100% dedicated to it. Now I have begun a compost in my neighborhood and pushing the superintendent to get the recycling trucks to pick up the bins he will provide. Well I hope your movie does EXTREMELY well because I am routing for it. I bid you good day fellows, and if you have any questions about the film festival or GRAC at all (or if you wanna buy a GRAC shirt for $5 during our earth day sell out), contact me at sani_bab3s@hotmail.com or Jess, or our CEO Liam Leapley at liam.leapley@whschools.org. Thanks =]

    Yasani Spencer
    GRAC Secretary

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