YERT at Northeastern!

Last night I gave a presentation to a crowd of about 70 students at Northeastern University, invited by their environmental group “HEAT” and their entrepreneurial club, and we had a great time! I showed a few clips from our upcoming feature film, including a chapter about Joel Salatin (also featured in Michael Pollan’s Omnivore’s Dilemma), not to mention a number of quotes from eco-notable figures like Wes Jackson (Land Institute), Janine Benyus (Biomimicry), and David Orr (renowned climate scientist).

My awesome hosts at the event!

I also highlighted a number of eco-resources for students to consider exploring on their own after the presentation. Here’s a list (in case you didn’t have time to write them all down!)…
The Better World Shopping Guide – One of the best stocking-stuffer-sized guides to all kinds of products, from an eco and social justice perspective.
– Plan B 4.0, by Lester Brown – The best guide to all the issues facing our planet, and the best solutions for getting ourselves out of the fix, all in one place. A true plan. Fine more information here. (Full free book download here)
Cradle to Cradle – Shows how we can make things safely on a finite planet. A must-read for entrepreneurs and scientists. Printed on totally recyclable plastic pages! 😉
– Green Chemistry – The fertile soil upon which chemistry in this new generation will most likely be built. At least it SHOULD be built on these principles. Read all about Green Chemistry here: .
– Transition Town movement – A community response to climate change, peak oil, and financial instability in the years ahead: Transition US. And the local Massachusetts Transition network. And my favorite, the Transition Handbook. A must read!
Bioneers by the Bay – There is a wonderful conference that takes a broad and deep look at environmental, social justice, and spiritual approaches to healing the planet. There are satellite conferences nationwide, including a huge one one at UMass Dartmouth: And the national Bioneers conference happens in San Rafael, CA.
– I also showed a slide about YERT’s New Media Tools. Check it out for a full explanation of all the tools we used on the trip and what we liked/didn’t like about them.

I’ll be gradually adding to this list of resources, but this is a good start. You can also find some of the videos from last night’s presentation on the YERT environmental video page.

A big thanks to all the students who turned out for the event, and please do stay in touch!

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