A great screening at the National Bioneers Conference! + Screenings in KY and PA this weekend

Dear YERTians,

We’re thrilled to report that the YERT feature film rough-cut screening at the National Bioneers Conference went very very well. There was a crackling excitement in the room on Friday night, filled to capacity with 100+ audience members who laughed so loudly and so often that passers-by thought it was a comedy show.

Ben at Bioneers 2010 Mark at Bioneers 2010

After the screening we heard lots of wonderful feedback that people were both tickled and moved by the film and couldn’t wait to see the final cut and screen it in their home towns. A few audience members were so excited that they donated a total of $70 to the project right on the spot. The Bioneers conference co-founder, Kenny Ausubel, mentioned to me something along the lines of “I heard lots of good things about the YERT screening.” Kenny also gave Ben a big hug on Monday after the conference. And finally, we have also received an invitation to screen the final film at the National Bioneers conference as soon as we finish the final cut.

All in all, a great time, and an affirmation that we’re on the right track with this film. It is also an affirmation to you, our friends and supporters, that we’re working together towards an inspiring, fun, and worthwhile contribution to the movements dedicated to improving the relationship between people and our dear planet.

And if you’re in Louisville, KY or Pittsburgh, PA this weekend, you can watch the same screening that we shared at the National Bioneers Conference last weekend. Here’s the information:

Louisville, KY – Bluegrass Bioneers – Friday, 10/22, 7:00pm-8:50pm – Free entry! – YERT Feature Film: Your Environmental Road Trip (preview cut) – followed by Q&A w/ Director/Producer Ben Evans (University of Louisville, Planetarium/Strickler) http://www.bluegrassbioneers.org/sched.html

Pittsburgh, PA – 3RiversBioneers – 5:30pm-7:30pm – $5 at the door – FILM: YERT Feature Film: Your Environmental Road Trip (preview cut) – followed by Q&A w/ Producer/Director Mark Dixon (Pittsburgh Project, 2801 N Charles St, Pittsburgh, PA, in the Sanctuary) http://www.3riversbioneers.org/schedule

Thanks again for enabling the project so that we can continue to give positive updates like this one, and we’re looking forward to seeing you soon.

Ben, Mark, and Julie
Your YERT Team


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