350.org on Solar Roadways Prototype

During my visit to Solar Roadways HQ in Idaho, Scott Brusaw and I decided that the climate-helping missions of 350.org and Solar Roadways were so similar that we ought to literally put them together! And so this photo was born: 350.org on the Solar Roadways prototype.

Solar Roadways and 350.org, working for the climate!

And if you haven’t yet watched the Solar Roadways Prototype video, definitely check it out here:

Oh, and if you haven’t heart just yet, 350.org founder Bill McKibben wants us all to get mad and then get busy about climate change. His latest article is a must-read: “This is f-cked up — it’s time to get mad, then get busy.

1 thought on “350.org on Solar Roadways Prototype

  1. I am so TOTALLY EXCITED about Solar Roadways!!!!!!!!!! What a fabulous idea – something I thought about back in the late 60’s when I was publishing another newsletter about organic gardening & farming, nutrition and environmental issues.
    Now that I’m retired and publishing Wellthy Choices magazine, I want to dedicate a whole page (and hopefully on-going news) about Solar Roadways in my Sustainable Living section!!
    I’ve gone thru this blog, your website, all the YouTube videos and put links to everything on that page today… and will look for more information to flesh out the continuing saga…!
    I’m also putting links to all the videos I can locate on MY website/blog too! And will add Solar Roadways as a category on my blog!
    If there’s any way else that I can help you, please let me know!!!

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