New Video for Earth Day: The Transition Movement!

Dear YERTians,

During the YERT adventure we heard about but never actually visited anybody involved with the Transition movement. Once the trip ended, however, Ben, Julie and Mark all became involved, seeing it as a powerful path to address climate change and peak oil with an uplifting community response. This Earth Day, YERT would like to introduce you to Tina Clarke, from TransitionUS, who gives a detailed presentation all about the global Transition movement. It is surprisingly refreshing, sane, effective, and YERTy– not to mention growing like a wildfire, with well over 1000 chapters worldwide.

Click here or on the picture below to watch The Transition Movement – An Introduction (62 minutes)…

It is difficult to explain it in a short paragraph, so we hope you take the time this Earth Day to watch the informative presentation from start to finish. For more information, and to find a Transition community near you, please visit . You can also watch the film “In Transition” for free online here: .

This presentation was recorded by YERT at the Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture Conference (PASA) in February 2010.

Ben, Julie, and Mark

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