“A Sea Change” film premiers TONIGHT on Planet Green, 8 pm EST

Dear YERTians,

I recently met one of the folks working on A Sea Change and bought a copy to watch. Last weekend I sat down and watched it and was quickly charmed by the beauty of the film– and quickly saddened by its sobering message: ocean acidification due to excess CO2 in the atmosphere is turning our oceans into a hostile environment for the little shelled organisms that live in it. Here’s the website: http://www.aseachange.net

I encourage you to pop some organic popcorn this evening and sit down for an educational journey into a lesser known (but perhaps more damning than climate change) consequence of CO2 pollution from all of our silly cars and planes.

You’ll find additional details below– I’ve copied an e-mail I received from the filmmakers.

Humbly Yours,

P.S. The more I work on the YERT feature film, the more respect I have for people who assemble independent films. Please show your support by watching A Sea Change! 🙂

“This film is both a love letter to the planet and
an urgent plea to its citizens.”—San Francisco Chronicle

“Ocean acidification is the flip side of global warming and if you have children,
grandchildren or any investment in life as we know it
continuing on this planet, this is a must-see film.”—Marin Maven

A Sea Change premiers on Sept. 26 on Planet Green, 8 pm EST. The premiere comes at the tail end of Climate Week, a week of inconclusive UN discussions on climate change. On Monday, there was a Global Wake-Up Call, citizens around the world showing their concern about climate change: 2632 events in 134 countries, so many calls to elected officials that phone lines were jammed.

But ocean acidification is still not on the table at COP-15, the December climate talks.

So, please help raise awareness about the urgency of acting to reduce carbon emissions, the effect they’re having on ocean chemistry.

Please watch A Sea Change on Planet Green, and let your friends and family know. Or invite them over to watch with you, discuss it together and take action. (You can find your Planet Green channel on their website.)

If you’d like to host a house party, just go to the Sea Change page on Brave New Theaters to sign up.

**BONUS** If you’re hosting a house party on Sept. 26 to watch Planet Green, we’ll send you a free DVD to say thanks for helping make a big splash about climate change and the ocean!

Special thanks to some friends for helping get word out about the TV premiere: Martha Stewart,350.org, 1Sky, Brighter Planet, Green Drinks NYC, Green Edge Collaborative, Oceana, We Add Up, Student Conservation Association, and Project Aware. And to our Twitter followers: a flutter of pteropod wings.

Let’s get ocean lovers and climate change activists working together for a fair, ambitious, and binding (FAB) climate treaty in December! And start a tsunami of action before COP-15!

Thanks so much for your support.

Best wishes,

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Angela Alston

Outreach Coordinator
A Sea Change: Imagine a world with no fish
+1 718 407 0670

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