YERT Visiting California in November!

Dear YERTians!

Mark and Ben are headed to California (SF and LA) for a film-screening, fundraising, film-networking visit, and we’d love your help! The approximate window for our visit is 11/6/09-11/15/09.

We’re looking for venues where we can give snazzy YERT presentations, show sneak peeks of our feature film, and raise a bit of money for our feature film post-production work (i.e. $$ to prevent our starvation, pay for editors, motion graphics, and custom music). Check out our presentation page for more detail.

We’re also looking to meet with potential donors, filmmakers, and distributors who may be interested in helping us finish this film. We want them to see our feature film trailer and synopsis page.

You’ve seen the Fund-O-Meter on our website. We’ve received about $4,300 towards our post-production efforts, but we need to get to $60,000 to do it right, and every dollar helps! We’re shooting for $1,500 per presentation… Maybe you can host a screening/meet-the-filmmakers event at your home, with a “suggested donation” for entry? Maybe you know of a local university (Stanford, Berkeley, UCLA, USC) that would enjoy a visit? Or a business that might like some green biz eco-inspiration (Google)? Maybe you’d just like to help us afford our plane tickets by giving us a tax-deductible donation? We’re open to every form of support, and thank you in advance for reaching out on our behalf.

So far we have scheduled presentations/screenings at Sony Pictures Entertainment in Los Angeles and at All Saints Episcopal Church in Pasadena– but we’re hungry for more events/meetings and I have a hunch that you can help.

And, if YOU live in California and would like to meet us and see a sneak peek of the feature film, let us know so that we can keep you informed about such opportunities as they develop!

Humbly Yours,
Mark (and Ben and Julie!)

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