YERT Film Update + Request for Music!

Dear YERTians,

Here’s the latest update!

* Send this to 5 friends?
* Forward progress with YERT Film
* Requesting indy music for YERT Film!

Can you send this e-mail to five friends? Tell ’em about the film trailer, or about the short films, or about keeping our garbage in the car for the whole year. We’re always looking to expand the reach of the YERT project, and we need your help. Are you one of those friends? First things first: Check out the trailer: . Then check out the website at .

Here’s a quick update on the YERT feature film– we’re making solid progress, but still have a ways to go. We’ve hired a full-time editor to help us process the footage faster, and we may even hire one more if we find enough money for it. We’ve got rough-cut chapters for about 1/3 of the film, and plan to keep our noses to the grindstone until at least Sept. 7, and probably longer to keep improving the film after the Sundance applications are due. We’re feeling good about the material we’re working with and have high hopes for the fully finished film– we just have to keep on chugging away until we get there. Gotta give major props to Ben (and his editing partner Scott Irick) for putting in crazy hours to get us this far. (And I must give lots of thanks to all of you who sent money to help us replace Ben’s dead hard drive! We received enough money to buy an entire set of drives so that Scott could work with a full set of footage (8TB)– helping making him infinitely more productive.)

We still need about $10,000 to handle motion graphics, musical scoring, one more editor, and “finishing” funds to polish the editing, color, and audio. And that’s with Mark, Ben, and Julie essentially working for free for the last 3 years! (Not to mention countless awesome volunteers.) If you’d like to donate to YERT to help us get there AND help us eat, go here:

We’re also looking for music to use in the film. Sent musical suggestions to:

If you know of any awesome independent artists (or major music icons) and you think you might be able to help us get the rights to use their music for free, we’d LOVE to hear from you! Just send me a note with a link to the musician’s web-site and/or MySpace page: Be sure to indicate whether you can actually help us get the rights to the music. That’s key. We’re looking for music in a variety of genres, mostly instrumental. We need everything from road-trippy Americana to powerful classical to thoughtful background music. You know YERT. You’ll know if the music sounds like a good fit. Then send us a link. 🙂

That’s all for now… Thanks again and again for your continued support! We love you and thank you for helping to keep the project alive and THRIVING all this time.

Humbly Yours,
Mark (and Ben and Julie)

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