A hard drive died! Can you help?

Hey, YERT Fans!

Ben just gave me a call to inform me that one of our hard drives just died. May it rest in peace. But we needed that hard drive to keep chugging full steam ahead towards Sundance!

Click here to donate –> http://www.yert.com/donate.php

We need to get one of these drives:

And the price runs about $400. We’ll be looking for discounts online, but in the meantime we need to quickly raise another $400 to cover the costs. We’re already living with our families to save rent money. We have no real income at all– just living off of bulk food to make ends meet. We’ll probably be dumpster diving soon… so don’t think for a second that your donation will go to waste!

Can you help by donating $10, $20, or $50 to help cover the costs?
Pretty please click here to donate –> http://www.yert.com/donate.php

The $2100 you’ve donated in response to the Film Trailer enabled us to hire an awesome video editor to speed up the post-production process, but we didn’t budget for a hard drive failure.

Thanks for your help!

YERTfully Yours,
Mark (and Ben and Julie)

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  1. Hey, Everybody! We had enough donations to get 5 more 2TB hard drives! Just what the doctor ordered for us to speed up the editing process of our film. Many thanks to all who donated!!

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