YERT Urgently Needs Transcribers!

(Below, we’ve updated our original “call for transcribers” post from a few months back to reflect our current status and some big news – out trailer is done, and because of some key positive responses, we’ve got a good chance to send this film to Sundance. To do this, WE STILL NEED NEW TRANSCRIBERS, now more than ever…and now we can PAY you if you sign up for at least 3 tapes per week. Can you help us get to Sundance? Send me a note– Here’s the updated post:

We’re making great progress on our transcription project – tackling a mountain of 500 hours (19,000 clips) from our year-long road trip – but we still need more help! We currently have 40 people signed up to help, but we’re looking for 60 more people to lend a hand — for a total of 100. That’s right. 100. This is a big job – it takes about 4 hours to transcribe one hour of footage, so we’re looking at about 2000 people hours to get this footage prepped for the editing process!

And to get this thing to Sundance, we need to finish by the second week of July!

With 100 people on board, each can contribute a very reasonable 8-10 hours per week and we’ll cross the finish line on time. By logging all of these clips quickly, we can make the Sundance deadline, and get this film out to the general public soon and in a big way – and we all know that our lovely planet doesn’t have days to spare.

Think about it: When was the last time you could powerfully help the planet by sitting down to watch a video?? Now you can. Seize the moment and watch a clip for the planet. For more information about volunteering, please contact Mark Dixon at 415-672-5537, or We’ll chat for about 30 minutes and then get you logging ASAP!

Thanks for all of your support! We’re thrilled with every little bit of it and want to be sure you know that this project would not be possible without your continued support, both verbal and financial.

Mark & Ben

7 thoughts on “YERT Urgently Needs Transcribers!

  1. Hey, I missed you when you were here in pittsburgh, but many of my friends were very excited about YERT. I would like to help out transcribing. I don’t have an actual words per minute count for you… but I can type well enough.
    I sat here thinking “what am I doing for the environment”… keeping track of the time, a calender in my head, my hours at work, my to-do list… so many ways to think about my future. How am I keeping track of my ‘carbon footprint?’ Maybe not such a good catch phrase, because it points to where I’ve been, not where I’m going.

    Just thought I’d share this, let me know how I can help.


  2. I can bring a team of three people to help log video for you. We have lots of time during the summer to help you with your cause. You can contact me at 412-606-1452 or email me at the address above.

    Thank you,

    michelle king

  3. Hi

    Hope it is not too late to become a transcriber.

    I am keen.

    I live in a small coastal village on the East coast of South Africa. It is winter and life is quiet. I am passionate about what your work is about and would love to be involved.


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