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Howdy, YERTians! Lots of news today…

YERT at Focus the Nation, 10:30 AM on 2/6/09, CMU in Pittsburgh, PA,
YERT at PASA Conference, 8:30 PM on 2/6/09, State College, PA
YERT hosts Green Drinks in Pittsburgh, 5-9 PM 2/20/09 (Facebook Event Link)

YERT at New Urbanism Meeting (by Larry Rippel)

YERT is sharing stories and videos with live audiences all over Pittsburgh, with interest for more presentations popping up all over the state– and the country! We’re exploring opportunities at schools, colleges, and communities in Maine, New York, and New Jersey, and if you send a note to team@yert.com we’ll consider your state, too. 😉

If you happen to be in Pittsburgh, you don’t have to wait– we’ll be presenting at the “Focus the Nation” event at CMU at 10:30 AM on Friday, 2/6/09. YERT videos will also be playing via a big projector during lunch. Stop by and say hi– and catch some of the other speakers dedicated to getting our national carbon footprint under control.

After lunch at the “Focus the Nation” event I’ll be driving out to State College, PA to give a “farming special” presentation for a conference held by the Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture. I’ve assembled a few farming-themed videos to share with the audience, including some previously unreleased footage of YERT’s visit with Joel Salatin (also featured in Michael Pollan’s “The Omnivore’s Dilemma”).

I also can’t help but share a few updates from presentations that we just completed…

Ben and I assembled a YERTy presentation all about green business for Dr. Robert Sroufe’s class in the Sustainable MBA program at Duquesne University. We dug up inspiring and thought-provoking highlights from some of our heavy-hitting business-related interviews, including clips from David Korten, Wes Jackson, and Bob Berkebile. We also featured a spectrum of businesses from the light green to the “flip traditional business models upside down” dark green– highlighting TerraCycle, Whole Foods, the Global Citizen Center, gDiapers, and plenty more.

I think it went over pretty well with the students – we were delighted to get quotes like these on our feedback forms:
“One of the best presentations I’ve seen in a long time (& I’ve seen a LOT of presentations).”
“Video was funny but very insightful for the audience. Made me want to do more myself.”
“Everything was interesting.”
“Very entertaining, helpful, and interesting. Thanks for showing it to us!”

Also, the professor that brought us in, Dr. Robert Sroufe, had kind words of his own… “My graduate students were very impressed with the delivery of information… Mark and Ben worked with me before the session to go through a list of companies I thought we should focus on. The video quality and visuals are of the highest quality and look great in a classroom projection system. The video pods… highlight many interesting people and practices that can be brought easily into a classroom and pedagogy.”


In a few weeks YERT is “hosting” Green Drinks in Pittsburgh, which basically means that we’re definitely going to be there and connecting up with droves of YERTy friends. Eat, drink, and be green. And bowl if you’d like, too. It all takes place at Arsenal Lanes in Pittsburgh from 5-9pm on FRIDAY 2/20/09. Click here for more details! (Or you can RSVP on Facebook)

I also recently gave an “urban-green-styled” YERT presentation for a small but dedicated audience at a New Urbanism meeting, held at the Sierra Club office in Pittsburgh. City Councilman Bill Peduto showed up to give his stamp of approval, and we also were fortunate enough to have pro photographer Larry Rippel taking photos of the event– check out his work in the photo up top, and below!

Mark Dixon, Bill Peduto, and Lizandra Vidal at New Urbanism Meeting (by Larry Rippel)

If you’d like to bring YERT to your school or community for a fun, engaging, educational environmental presentation with plenty of Q&A, please let us know– team@yert.com. We’re exploring ideas for a new presentation for high school and college students that focuses on green jobs. What do you think? Good idea? Bad idea? Worth a shot? Let us know!


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