Hot YERT Book Recommendation

One of most notable YERT interviews (for me) that we have yet to share with you was with author and activist David Korten, whose work has been an inspiration to me before, during, and after the YERT road trip. Way back in 2006 I picked up his book, “The Great Turning,” after meeting him during a Green Festival in San Francisco, and was blown away by the way it turned my view of history—and the potential of humanity– upside down. His words cut to the heart of social, environmental, and political issues in an innovative, optimistic, and insightful way that will likely motivate you to engage your neighbors in a discussion of all the wonderful possibilities that he presents.

Recent dramatic failures in the financial industry moved Korten to create a new book that brings a startling new context—and noteworthy solutions—to an otherwise miserable financial meltdown. The book is called “Agenda for a New Economy – From Phantom Wealth to Real Wealth – Why Wall Street can’t be fixed and how to replace it.” It has already received praise from another YERT hero (you guessed it!), Van Jones, and I have read enough of Agenda for a New Economy to give it my own personal recommendation as well! This book has been rushed to publication and is available for pre-order from the YERT store (thanks to Amazon ;-), available for delivery after Feb. 3. Please take a look!


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