YERT at Bioneers in Maine!

Kindle Bioneers Logo

Heya! Mark here. I’m headed off to speak on a panel about “new media” at the upcoming Bioneers conference in Portland, Maine! The Bioneers conference started near San Francisco in California, but has now expanded to include satellite events and around 15,000 attendees all around the country. The Maine satellite event is called “Kindle” and I encourage you to check out its website here.

The Bioneers conferences and their enthusiastic attendees and panelists were an inspiration to me and the YERT team before and during the YERT road trip, so it is exciting to be attending as a panelist. It feels like home. And I suspect you can catch a flavor of our enthusiasm for it all in the video that we created about our visit to last year’s Bioneers at their event’s HQ in San Rafael, CA…

I’ll keep you all posted about this weekend’s event as time allows, but there is probably a Bioneers event near you! Take a look at the map below and also this page to learn more about these distributed “Beaming Bioneers” conferences.

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