Should we drill, baby, drill for oil?

After much delay I’ve finally assembled a new survey to share. Inspired… or should I say, concerned by recent chants at the Republican National Party’s convention to drill, baby, drill, I have decided to open the topic for discussion on this blog. What do you think we should do about the apparent shortage of oil and/or our dependence on foreign oil? You can vote in our handy poll below:

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Apparently I’m not the only one who is confused by the chant, particularly that it was hollered with pride, as if this “so last century” technology will lead us into a new era of prosperity and innovation. It won’t. But Thomas Friedman puts it much better than I could in his Op-Ed Piece in the NY Times:

“As I have argued before, it reminds me of someone who, on the eve of the I.T. revolution — on the eve of PCs and the Internet — is pounding the table for America to make more I.B.M. typewriters and carbon paper. “Typewriters, baby, typewriters.”

Ponder that. Then let me know if you’d like to change your vote. 😉

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