YERT Homecoming Party in Pittsburgh! August 9, 3-7PM

Hey, YERTians!

We’re wrapping up the TRAVEL portion of our YERT adventures with a grand finale party in Pittsburgh. Mark, Ben, Julie and Erika will be in attendance, along with friends and family and much much more. In fact, we’ll be finishing the year at our first stop after hitting the road: the Rachel Carson Homestead. Read on for more details, and the video down below will take you back to the YERT launch and Rachel Carson’s home…

Your Environmental Road Trip ( is headed into Pittsburgh for the finale event of their national road-trip adventure, and they’d love to see you there! Ben, Mark, Julie, and Erika spent the last year traveling to all 50-states, interviewing over 800 citizens and leaders about environmentally pressing issues, then turning the footage into quick, fun environmental videos at YouTube and other sites online. You can learn more and watch over 40 videos at The free festivities begin at 3:00 PM (to 7:00 PM) on Saturday, August 9, 2008 at the Rachel Carson Homestead, and everybody is invited! Read on for more details…

The team brings with them news of the “YERTy-est Awards,” some green tunes, and the fastest comprehensive rundown of the entire trip that you may ever see. The infamous “Bag Monster” will make an appearance for the kids. We’ll also have ALL of our garbage from the year on display for you to admire or critique if you like. All 45 pounds of it– cleaned, of course– they had to travel with it for an entire year. You can get a feel for the YERT project best by checking their latest video about Permaculture.

Contact Mark Dixon at or 415-672-5537 for more details. The Rachel Carson Homestead is located just outside the city of Pittsburgh at 613 Marion Ave., Springdale, PA 15144. Hope to see you there… and everybody who attends the event will receive a free YERT ChicoBag! (While supplies last)

Here’s the event on Facebook.
Here’s the event on eVite.

And here’s our launch video, the very first “YERTpod” — YERTpod1: LaunchPod, complete with video from our launch party and also footage of the Rachel Carson Homestead.

See you there!

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