Bailey Elise Evans is Born! Woohooo!!!

Dear YERTians,

Ben and his new girl, Bailey!

I just received a very happy text message from Ben and Julie– their brand new happy, healthy baby GIRL, Bailey Elise Evans, was born at 11:14 AM today, July 19, 2008. Feel free to add congratulatory comments to this blog entry, or e-mail them directly at and More details coming soon…


7 thoughts on “Bailey Elise Evans is Born! Woohooo!!!

  1. Hooray! She’s so tiny! And of course we’ll want to know what she weighs, etc.
    Cute name, and her initials are BEE!
    Congrats to Ben and Julie and we hope Mom and Bailey are doing well!
    May the world she knows be green and sustainable and may she know nature as friend, comforter and a joyous place to be!
    Love and Blessings,
    Bob and Isabel in GA

  2. Congratulations, Pray all is well. She IS soooo tiny!! What color hair does she have and all those other question people ask, who does she look like Mom or Pop?

  3. hola amigos – big congratulations from both of us and the Sasha The Newborn who is officially crossed into infanthood today (he is 4 weeks of age) –
    I already cannot remember if he was ever that tiny as Bailey is!
    Wish you an easy transition into the terrestrial habitat – and to learn the skills of eating, digesting and communication –
    with love
    Arina, Scott and Baby Alexander

  4. Congrats Julie and Ben and welcome Bailey from the Wisconsin Cos. Great news and I hope you are all enjoying this family expansion. All the best for a healthy start to a wonderful existence.

  5. My name is Elise Evans I have stumbled upon your blog by googling my name and it popped up…Congratulations on your new bundle of joy and she is absolutely beautiful good luck and enjoy the years to come…

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