OK, I was about to post a different blog but I just couldn’t keep my big mouth shut about THIS. It’s an article by The Independent about the strong possibility (greater than even odds) of an ICE-FREE North Pole this summer. I’ll say that again for effect – AN ICE-FREE NORTH POLE THIS SUMMER PEOPLE!!! Hellooooooo??? This is MAMMOTH! HUGE! PICK A SUPERLATIVE – IT FITS!

When we started the YERT road trip last July, we were hearing predictions of a summertime ice-free North Pole on the order of 2070-2050. Then in the late summer of last year we started hearing talk of 2030. By last autumn, credible scientists were talking about 2013 or 2012. Now we’re hearing that there’s good money betting that the North Pole will be ice-free by the end of summer…THIS summer. Nice. Good times. What the HECK are we doing?!?

NOW I’m speechless.

7 thoughts on “NO NORTH POLE BY THIS FALL – WHAT THE #&@%!?!?!?

  1. Erika and I just checked a couple days ago– there is still some ice in the Arctic Ocean. We saw it with our own eyes. I have no idea what’ll be around this fall, though. Maybe this is the time to act upon the plan highlighted in our Bear Necessities video? Sending snow to the Arctic?

  2. Hello Ben and Julie:

    Love your site. You have had a great adventure.

    Best Wishes to all of you,
    Ruth Doering

    Your Dad’s former Reading Partner in Arizona ( You and I spoke about “Annie get Your

  3. Mark,Erika,Ben,Julie,
    Red White and Blue greetings to the Green YERT gang,
    I was looking to see news of the Alaska Expedition, will you be to the YERT finish line in 365 days around the block or later than you thought? And I was looking to see news of Mother, Father, and the baby.
    I trust all is well,
    All the blessed, JimA

  4. Incidentally, in case the tone of my post was at all unclear (sarcasm doesn’t always translate in text), an ice-free North Pole is a decidedly BAD situation. It’s EXTREMELY unfortunate for a whole list of reasons, not the least of which is Santa drowning during the summer. Seriously though, the arctic is essentially part of the planet’s air conditioner – without North Pole ice (and arctic ice in general) the disastrous feedback loop of “melted ice exposes more ocean which traps more solar radiation which melts more ice which exposes more warm ocean which traps more solar radiation which melts more ice etc.” really comes into play. If there’s a tipping point, we’re at it…right now – no more 10 or 20 years to change, it’s game time this instant. We have to sprint away from this tipping point or things are gonna change in ways we can’t even imagine. But there’s hope :). What we found on our trip were people all over the country doing just that – sprinting away from that tipping point and toward real solutions. But it means we can’t afford to hide our heads in the sand any longer and we have to be ready for some major major changes – fundamental changes – in how we live our lives and what we think we need. We can do it – after all, we don’t really have a choice.

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