We Bid Ben Bon Voyage to Baby

Ben laughing…
After nearly a year of continuous YERTy travel and 49 states to his name, Ben boarded a train yesterday morning in Montana near Glacier National Park to begin the journey home to Kentucky. That’s right, he’s answering the call of his “Dad Duty” and joining Julie to nest at home and prepare for the birth of their first child.

Ben brought an enthusiasm for YERT and all things environmental that never seemed to die, even when it seemed like everybody around him was about to do just that. He always managed to find one more person, one more interview, or make one more call to make the most of whatever time we had in a particular state. Also, as the consummate b-roll hound, there was never a shot that he didn’t get excited about and he would always go the extra mile to get it just right.

Ben’s Button
And then, of course, there was Ben the comedian. He’d make the YERT team laugh, and he brought that sense of humor to the “stage” and the editing suite as he painstakingly made sure that we had enough laughs to keep folks on board.

Ben and Mark…
There were some tense moments if we didn’t agree about one thing or another, but we always knew that we were all acting in the best interest of the project and we’d ultimately sort things out.

Here’s a big blog high-five and gigantic thanks to Ben for devoting his blood, sweat, tears, and scent to YERT now, then, and well on down the road as we begin the monumental task of finishing the remaining short videos and then embark upon… the YERT Film. (Erika and Mark will be driving up to Alaska for about the next 5 days. Stay tuned, but don’t hold your breath as we hunt for Internet access in the Canadian wilderness.)

Ben and Mark

7 thoughts on “We Bid Ben Bon Voyage to Baby

  1. I can vouch for Daddy Ben editing his YERTie hiney off here at home…in between reading his Husband Coached Childbirth Manual and helping me practice labor pains with bags of ice…we’ll keep you all posted…


  2. Just checking to see where in the world is YERT San Diego?
    Julie obviously relaxed, Benediting, Mark making first impressions, and Erika is Erika.
    We are rooting for you all from a few rows behind Folly Beach, the Edge of America.
    All the blest,
    Jim Augustin

  3. I and the dripping four campers who also got on in West Glacier wish you well on your continued journey and fatherhood, too. At least we all missed the snowfall that JUne night in West Glacier. Good job, guys. How about getting AMTRAC to recycle?

  4. Thinkin about you guys. Count down for many celebrations.
    Continued good blessings on the rest of your journey (ies)

    Joan from Niantic

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