YERT is WWOOFING! (and we have almost no Internet)

Dear YERTians,

Ben, Erika, and I took a few days in our 48th state– Wyoming– to participate in the age-old tradition of volunteering on a farm for a few days. The farm feeds and houses us, and we provide labor. And it is awesome. We signed up with to find a farm willing to take us, and find one we did. We’ll be back online by Monday, with plenty of stories to share, but in the meantime we have to apologize for the lack of updates at We have just enough Internet to write this blog entry, but not much more than that.

Tomorrow we help with a cattle drive. We can’t wait…

Back Soon!


3 thoughts on “YERT is WWOOFING! (and we have almost no Internet)

  1. Sounds cool! I can’t wait to hear more about volunteering on the farm; sounds like something i might be interested in doing.

    Stay safe! Best wishes in your wonderful work!


  2. Heather,

    We’d love to share more with you… and we had a wonderful time out at the farm the last few days. I can’t imagine trying out more farm activities in just three days: cattle herding, planting onions and cabbage, building a tunnel for cantaloupes, 4-wheeling (to get around the farm), composting, and enjoying good ol’ conversation around the dining room table… and much much more.

    More soon,

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