YERT Blert 3: Breaking In 9 Months Out

Dear YERTians,

Clear the decks– it is time for spring cleaning! It seems that we have stumbled into the season of things breaking, and so we celebrate by cleaning the car’s nooks and crannies in preparation for the final 3 months of journey. This week we present to you "YERT Blert 3: Breaking In 9 Months Out."

We have some major shifts to discuss this time: Julie leaves the trip to nest and prepare for baby. Mark’s girlfriend Erika joins the team in May, and Ben leaves in early June to make sure he’s home in time for the baby birth. Then Mark and Erika head up to Alaska for state 50 and the official end of the journey. Oh yes, and we have more garbage. See all this and more laid out in plain view in YERT Blert 3.

We also have a few tidbits of news we’d like to share:
1. We have an awesome Facebook group that gets more frequent and informal news than the Official YERT mailing list. If you’d like to get more insight into the inner workings of the project, join our Facebook group here.
2. We have no place to stay in North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wyoming. It is like nobody lives there. Prove us wrong! Send us the contact info of friends and family who live in those states and we’ll send you a free YERT ChicoBag if we stay with them.
3. What was that? A YERT ChicoBag? That’s right. You can buy official YERT ChicoBags at our website. We’ll have free shipping for one week only, so put your orders in right away! (ChicoBag is a reusable and self-stuffable shopping bag. Totally destroys the problem of forgetting your reusable shopping bags!)

That’s all for now. Stay tuned for more YERT videos and we’ll check in again at the end of the journey!

Fixin’ to Finish,
Mark, Ben, and Julie, Your YERT Team


2 thoughts on “YERT Blert 3: Breaking In 9 Months Out

  1. Hi Ben & Mark,

    I LOVE MY YERT CHICO BAGS. [ Just in case you need a testimonial.] I am keeping them clipped to my purse, as advised, and have used them DAILY (gotta’ get on on that “reduce” part of the cycle, though). EVERYONE SHOULD BUY 5 OF THEM RIGHT NOW BY CLICKING ON THE YERT SHERT SHOP. If you’re young and trendy, you have to have them b/c they are tres cool. If you’re old like I am, you have to have them because they’re convenient as anything and will reduce your plastic bag guilt IMMEDIATELY.

    🙂 CarolCo

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