Showering with 30 friends really can be a clean “green” experience!

Yesterday, Julie and I enjoyed a wonderful baby shower thrown by our dear friends Erin, Hunter, and Phill. We were truly blown away by how low-impact the event was (way to go Erin and company!) and everyone’s creativity in creating eco-conscious gifts. Among the many wonderful gifts were a wooden chest constructed out of house repair lumber leftovers and filled with all kinds of baby hand-me-downs and used books, a gorgeous homemade quilt, a hand-knit baby blanket and soaker, all manner of used books and baby onesies, and even a spectacular live 3-part a cappella performance of a personally arranged song. It was such a loving experience made that much more personal by the extreme care and inspired creativity of every guest present. If you want a wonderful baby shower, ask the people you love to make it a “clean” and “green” one and you won’t be disappointed. Thank you to everyone involved in the celebration – we love you dearly!

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