Day 230: Earthman does Hollywood…Florida

One connection we had in Florida was this dude who is the voice of Captain Planet, an animated series starring this eco superhero who is constantly saving the Earth. Environmentally, that is. Apparently the actor has moved to France. But that’s ok because yesterday we met up with a buddy of his who transforms into a real live superhero, Earthman, donning a giant globe and visiting communities all over Florida spreading environmental awareness through word, song and design. (He has a great website which features him rapping all about what’s happening and what we need to do…) We followed Earthman to the beachfront in Hollywood, FL, where he shared some of his thoughts with us and interacted with several passersby.

We got words from a very sage Mitch, and from a wonderfully happy Chinese woman named Emma who told us that, at age 82, she no longer needs to shake hands, only hug. She also hugs trees regularly and recommended that we all do the same, making sure to ask beforehand to borrow some of the tree’s energy, in case the tree is sleeping. I totally went and hugged Emma’s favorite tree and, I must say, I felt completely hugged back. I never felt better about hugging a tree. Palms are so nice.

Emma also told me that she met Cary Grant in the 60’s when she was hugely pregnant and that, when she protested that she was too fat to take a picture with him, he said, “Women are most beautiful when they’re pregnant.” She said that, looking back on the picture of her huge pregnant self next to such a strapping handsome man, she inwardly thanked him for being such a beautiful liar.

Alright so the beaches down here are gorgeous, and the weather tremendous. It’s no wonder that my Dad always complained about moving away and no wonder that so many people are still moving here, despite its being over-developed in very many places. The population is exploding in Florida, and Florida is starting to see the effects. In the next few days, we are going to be talking to Friends of the Everglades and to the St John’s Riverkeepers about how population, among other things, is affecting what’s left of Florida’s undeveloped land and waterways, and wildlife sanctuaries.

In the meantime, and speaking of population increase, baby girl is finally making herself felt in the belly and I smile every time. little squirrel. 🙂 even if I am a little fat. Here’s my pregnant lady shadow at the beach…

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