Day 229: Miami Beach…Boat show weekend and President’s Day

So, yesterday, we left our little Motel 6 and ate fat American food at Denny’s. We made a miniscule sensation with the wait staff who came over to hear about what we were doing. We didn’t collect much garbage (one toothpick) but we certainly didn’t collect any organic or local food points either. None, in fact. (sorry, baby. and planet.)

Ben had heard that the canals near Ft Myers were interesting and was determined to talk to someone about them so we drove around and found a public park with people out enjoying the sun. An older couple who was taking pictures (well, it IS Florida) invited us to come to their house on the canals, where they’ve lived for 20-some years, so we filmed them in their backyard, and I got a nice picture of her sheets hanging on the clothesline. They also let us pick tangerines off of their their tree! The boys filmed another neighbor but it was kind of a bust as the other neighbor apparently wasn’t concerned about anything environmental, especially in Florida. I guess some people move South to be oblivious.

Back in the car and onto Miami, traffic was HELL, and we moved like carbon-emitting tortoises on the highway. I was still waiting to hear back from any of the numerous emails and phone calls I made to U Miami oceanographers or Friends of the Everglades…then we learned that it is “Boat Show Weekend” in Miami and President’s Day holiday on Monday. To be honest, we didn’t pay much attention to holidays when planning this trip. Plus, I have never thought of President’s Day as a holiday. Is it a holiday?

We made it to our homestay on Miami Beach, finally, chatted with our new friend, and slept well. I slept well. The boys were up working into the wee hours, like they do, and babygirl and i said Good night. Now, today, Ben will continue editing Oregon, Mark will continue with the Website and I will continue checking my inbox for anyone interested in talking to us on camera. Our host told me not to be offended, that Miamians are not super fast at getting back to people…kind of like we are on Island time. I can be patient…

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