New Video – YERT Conversation 19.1: Solar Roadways

Dear YERTians,

YERT traveled to the northern reaches of Idaho to track down a man with a plan…a plan to solve the looming energy crisis, attack global warming, and fix our crumbling infrastructure all in one fell swoop. People coming to America used to believe that the streets here were paved with gold, but Scott Brusaw wants to pave our streets with something far more useful – solar panels. That’s right, Scott has a plan to replace asphalt with an integrated network of solar panels that people can drive on. No, he’s not crazy…though he does have a beard. Click on the video below to learn more.

But it gets better – not only would Solar Roadways replace our current fossil-fuel-intensive asphalt and concrete paved surfaces, but they could essentially replace the power grid itself. Imagine a world without coal-fired power plants, without obnoxious power lines, without smog – a world where the very road you drive on pollution-free supplies everything from on demand power for your electric vehicle and your home to high-speed internet and cable TV service – all with clean "green" energy from the sun. We know, it sounds crazy, but Scott is perfectly sane – we promise. Take a look for yourself at his website – – and let him know what you think.

You Are Our Sunshine,

Ben, Julie, and Mark (Your YERT Team)

P.S. There is an interesting in-depth discussion about SolarRoadways here on, including a thorough reply by Scott to virtually every concern posted.


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