Day 191: julie caves in a moment of weakness (blaming pregnancy…again!)

First let me say what a load is off my mind now that the 6 mo check-in video is out there on the web so i can actually talk about it…

Secondly, I have a confession to make. Tonight I drank bottled water, which is pretty bad because it wasn’t a mistake. I caved. The boys were out doing interviews in Little Rock and I stayed home to work (read: rest). At some point I realized that I had drunk all the water we had in our steel bottles and was having a minor pregnancy panic attack bc I was super thirsty and was afraid to drink the tap out of the bathroom sink.

Normally I fill our bottles up with tap water but I always check with our host to be sure to get the thumbs up on the water/pipes quality, and I hadn’t done that this time. I suddenly worried: What if there is something wrong with the pipes in this lovely B&B and that is why our hostess offered us free bottled water? I looked for her and couldn’t find her. I ate an orange. That helped for about an hour. Ben called and I asked him to fill up our canteen and bring it home. He said he would but they were just sitting down to dinner and it would be awhile.

I recalled the phrase “If you wait till you’re thirsty, then it’s too late: you’re already dehydrated,” and began to feel like a withered dried sponge. Suddenly, convinced that our little one must be parched and gasping in the womb, I ran dramatically down to the visitor fridge, pulled out a plastic (NOOOOOOOO!) bottle of water and downed it in about 45 seconds on my way back up to our room. The guilt came immediately after when the YERT angel on my shoulder said, “Oh, come on, pregnant lady, did you really have to do that? Really?”

I have no doubt that when I ask our hostess tomorrow morning how is the quality of the tap, she will tell me it is fine. A moment of weakness and I caved utterly. This just means I have to be more diligent. Do not fail to ask about tap water wherever we are staying, and make sure that canteens get filled every time we are out at restaurants or whatever. This bottle is going to travel with us now as a reminder of how important it is to plan… That was crappy, on my part, and I am renewing my effort to NOT MAKE TRASH.

i had to fess up when the boys got home. sorry, fellas. this one was for the little guy. They looked at me kind of sideways and sighed.

p.s. i also bought a huge plastic container of organic yogurt earlier in the week to deal with that craving but I don’t feel as bad bc Heather said they need those at the Zoo for something…so I am not considering that garbage. Am I wrong?

3 thoughts on “Day 191: julie caves in a moment of weakness (blaming pregnancy…again!)

  1. At least in Oregon both plastic bottles and yogurt cups can be recycled. I bet you could recycle both at a good grocery store. Only the lid and cap would be trash.

  2. You are right! However, in an effort to reduce ENERGY use as much as to reduce trash, we have been avoiding even recyclables on this trip. So, any recyclables that we acquire we are carrying with us as evidence of wasted…something.

    And even though, at the end of this trip, we will recycle any trash that can be recycled, I am taking full responsibility for my cave and my addition to wasted energy…

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