YERT Blert 2: Checking In 6 Months Out

Dear YERTians,

Happy New Year! We think that this year could well be happier than the last, despite the delicious Nobel Peace Prize winning and overwhelmingly earthly reporting that made it onto the front pages of newspapers around the world—even in the United States!

We think that this year, people all around the country, from all political walks of life, are finally going to see past the “tree” in “treehugger” and embrace the universal appeal of a sustainable lifestyle. Hug your neighbor, hug your free time, hug your family values, hug your fresh water, hug a tasty banana. You might save a planet, and you just might find it appealing.

Oh yeah—don’t hug your junk mail.

In fact, do everything you can to avoid it! Junk mail was one of the big challenges during the last six months, in our otherwise frugal quarter. We explain this and more in our second quarterly “check-in,” complete with new challenges and new highlights for a brand new year.


Mark, Julie, and Ben (Your YERT Team)


4 thoughts on “YERT Blert 2: Checking In 6 Months Out

  1. Woo hoo! We are so happy for you! The universe is a funny place. You set out to change the world, but the tables got turned on you in the best possible way. The creative energy you put out came right back to you, albeit in a different form. We wish you much strength, courage, and wisdom as you face all the challenges and opportunities coming at you in the new year. Peace!

    -B, P, & C

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