Christmas Day Video Special: Chico Eco Elvis

Dear YERTians,

ELVIS LIVES…in Kansas City, Missouri, apparently. YERT spent a riveting evening of song with The King – the King of Green, that is – learning all about the three R’s and how to have a green Christmas. But something decided to crash the party. Lurking in the icy darkness was a monster so insidious, so formidable, so unsustainable it defied description…and yet it is a monster we know all too well. It’s just a bunch of plastic bags…or is it. We knew that Eco Elvis would save the day and make Christmas more sustainable once again, but not without a little help from our friends at ChicoBag.

Happy Holidays,

Ben, Julie, and Mark (Your YERT Team)

P.S. ChicoBag is a YERT sponsor, but we loved ’em long before that relationship started up…


1 thought on “Christmas Day Video Special: Chico Eco Elvis

  1. LOL!!

    This is FABULOUS!! 🙂

    I wish Eco Elvis got the plastic bag monster into his magic bag and ‘recycled’ him, but ahh well!! 🙂

    /always room for a sequel, hint hint!/

    You guyz are totally AWESOME!! 🙂

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