New Video – YERTpod17: Happy Thursday in Boulder, Colorado

Dear YERTians,

They say you can’t buy happiness – but in Boulder, CO every Thursday, apparently, you can "bike" happiness. On a balmy Thursday night, YERT was blown away by over 500 people "peddling" good cheer on the streets of Boulder and discovered that the secret to true contentment might just be a banana seat under your backside, tassels on your handlebars, and the wind in your hair. Welcome to Happy Thursday – Boulder Cruiser Ride style.

Judging from the Boulder Cruiser Ride website, cruiser rides seem to be sprouting up all over the country, as fully grown adults everywhere are shedding their cars and going old school – embracing some sweet two-wheelers and REAL entertainment. As we all learned when we were 10 – there’s nothing more fun than busting out your bike and cruising the streets with your friends. Here’s to fewer cars, more bikes, and the genius of being a kid again!

Happily Yours,

Ben, Mark, and Julie (Your YERT Team)


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