YERT in San Francisco Chronicle!

Hiya, YERTians!

We’re happy to announce that the San Francisco Chronicle ran a full story about YERT and it just came over the wire tonight. You can check it out here:

Here’s a little quote from the story:

“Apart from the technical difficulties that come with charging laptop computers and cameras, maintaining a travel blog and editing video while cruising the nation’s highways and byways, the group has set for itself a separate set of challenges: refrain from switching on incandescent lightbulbs, use water sparingly and produce only enough monthly trash and recyclables to fill a medium-size shoe box. This does not include toilet paper and feminine hygiene products.”

Feel free to send it around to friends and family– we can always use a little help getting the good green word around the planet…


Julie, Ben, and Mark (Your YERT Team)


2 thoughts on “YERT in San Francisco Chronicle!

  1. Hey I just heard about you guys via the Chron. A friend of mine sent it to me because my husband and I are also a similar journey to live lighter.

    Julie I just had to let you know that there is an alternative to those landfill clogging feminine hygiene products, it’s called The Keeper. I’ve been using it for over a year, and once a month, it has really made my life on the road much simpler!

    Anyhoo, enough of that gurl talk. Just wanted to say congratulations, and hope we cross paths someday.


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