Quick report from Bioneers

I just spent the day at the Bioneers conference in Marin County today, and enjoyed seeing Van Jones show the important relationship between green and the ghetto. Indeed, former President Clinton heard about the concept and invited Van Jones to the Clinton Global Initiatives event, and it seems that things are really moving now.

At last year’s Bioneers conference I frequently heard about how the environmental movement needed to jump on board the social justice movement, and ever since then, YERT has been trying to figure out ways to introduce social justice into our eco-adventure. Today, Van Jones reminded me that we simply needed to jump on board the social justice train and get rolling. So, if you have any insights or stories for how the budding green movement has played a role in your city’s social justice efforts, we’d love to hear about it.

In the meantime, check out this great article by Van Jones. And consider becoming a Bioneer yourself…


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