If you like YERT, you might also like ZapRoot…

I recently was introduced to a nifty fun new eco-video program called ZapRoot. At YERT we’ve been tossing around the idea of a miniature headline-reading addition to our weekly podcast, but haven’t had the time to squeeze it in with all the travel and interviews and sleeping and eating that we’re doing on the road.

Fortunately, however, ZapRoot has taken care of this angle with zip and polish, and we think that you may well enjoy them, too. Do take a look: http://www.zaproot.com

I also noticed that they’re getting a bazillion (100,000’s) of hits after their recent launch, noted here, and so I scoured around to see how they did it. My research brings me to the following quick conclusions: they’ve got an awesome show and a perfectly suited, very watchable host, they’re well connected in the Internet video space, and they’ve deployed their videos to countless Internet video sites. Indeed, according to this post by Tilzy.tv, Veoh employs one of the producers of ZapRoot, Sarah Szalavitz, and is featuring ZapRoot programs on the front page of Veoh. Nice! Mystery solved. Hats off to Damien and Sarah at ZapRoot for connecting all the right dots! (YERT is primarily on Blip.tv and YouTube, but not on Veoh. I’ll be looking into that platform asap…)

And now we head into the Bioneers conference in just a few hours. Can’t wait!

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