New Video – YERT Blert 1: Checking In 3 Months Out

Ever considered keeping a compost bin in your car 24/7? Or how long you could go without turning on an incandescent light? Or what it might feel like to be completely dependent on a hankie? Neither did we…until this trip started.

Three months in, the YERT team takes a look back at the first 95 days with a mix of joy, delirium, and a much higher tolerance for questionable odors. We’ve had some wonderfully unexpected adventures along the way and covered some unbelievable territory – each day is like peeling the next layer of an onion that at once fills us with dread and hope for the future…sometimes the onion even makes us cry. Or, adapting a simile from our interview today with gDiapers in Portland: Life on the road is like changing a diaper…you never know what you’re going to get, but it’s bound to be interesting.

1 thought on “New Video – YERT Blert 1: Checking In 3 Months Out

  1. This video was wonderful. So good to see each of you. Julie just found me on Facebook, so I’ll be checking in with you there too. I’ve read every blog and watched every video you’ve posted, and I keep spreading the word on the awesome work you’re doing. Truly inspiring!

    I wanted to let you know, as I just today got a call from another tenant in our office building who heard about the recycling I’ve been doing, and she wants to work together with her office, another two floors of people, to pressure the building ownership to get with the program. After more than a year trying on my own, I was so thrilled! Since I can’t be with you in San Francisco, I thought I’d share the story here, I figure you’d be glad to know.

    love and cheers,

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