Day 94: Going Out of Order just for a minute, Folks….

Ok lack of good sleep, good exercise or real downtime have taken a toll on my psyche so my apologies for not being on top of my game…I will be getting back to the travelog and etc., but for now let me just sort of say where we are at today.

We have just completed our 3rd full month on the road. yay.

We are in Portland, OR, staying with the family Wildes who just treated us to the most wonderful blue cheese garlic tomato pizza at Hotlips. (Thank you, Mark’s cousin, Carl, his sweet wife, Darcy and babe, Kieran) We got interviewed this morning at a Starbucks and we interviewed a lady today at someone’s house…and got some more interviews lined up…

We got some packages sent here for us that were cool. The organic YERT T-shirts that we ordered through zazzle came (girls sizes are pretty small, onesies are super-cute) and also our Klean Kanteens came. So now I don’t have an excuse not to drink enough water.

We just spent the last week or so in the state of Washington where I took a record number of photos and got to see my brother Stephen Andrew and his lovely wife, Yves, which was wonderful, and where we spoke to our first Native American on this trip, as well as our first National Park Ranger.

We are still trying to figure out how to do everything and there is still not enough of us to do it. I finally had to leave the boys upstairs and come be by myself bc the discussions are making me totally stressed. I know they’re important and all but I find them maddening. I was going to blog but then I got down here and i cannot concentrate. And I feel fat.

Hormones aren’t helping. Still, it’s a worthy gig. I’ll be better tomorrow,
when the Portland Farmers Market is hosting cheesemakers of all kinds.
That won’t help the fat part, but it will probably taste awesome.
signing off, the girl portion of this trip,

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