Day 79,80: A Whole Lot of Red and a Little Bit of Blue Making Green in UTAH

We were told Utah is sometimes called the “reddest” state, and Environmentalists are sometimes called “Treehuggers.” What happens when Republicans realize that caring for the environment can make good economic sense? Before we left Utah, we met with Rich (R) and Marsha (D), who are working together for Living Green Expo to bring awareness to this issue that affects all of us, no matter our political affiliation. As Rich noted, caring for the environment used to be part of the Conservative Party’s platform, starting way back with Ulysses Grant and carried further by Teddy Roosevelt….

We spoke with Salt Lake City’s Mayor, Rocky Anderson, who also believes that the environment is NOT a party issue (See his on-camera mayoral challenge from yesterday!)

So, I have crap internet connection here. I am not going to frustrate myself by trying to post and add pictures. I will instead say “Welcome!” to our brand new nephew, as yet unnamed, “We can’t wait to meet you in the spring when we are scheduled to be in Connecticut. So glad you are a tiny baby and will have no remembrance that we missed your first days…”

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