Do you know any corn farmers in Iowa?

Hi, Gang!

We’re headed into Iowa next week, and we have ETHANOL on the brain. We’re not drunk, though the thought has crossed our minds. And it might make interesting footage– but it simply isn’t our style.

That said, YOUR style can be our style, particularly if you help us figure out how to address ETHANOL in Iowa. We’re hungry to meet interesting folks who can tell us all sorts of fascinating facts and stories about ETHANOL. Do you know any corn farmers in Iowa? Community leaders? Professors? Political types? Send them our way and we’ll work to visit and learn from them– and share it back with you. (Also, if you know of any places we can stay in Iowa, we’d love to hear about those, too!)

Also, do you have any questions about ETHANOL? We think that you just might if you read this paper about various forms of biofuels. It certainly got us thinking, so we’re eager to dive into this issue… hardcore.

Send us a note, or answer the poll below, or both. We’ll love you either way!

YERTfully Yours,

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