New Video – YERTpod3.1: Ask Uncle Sam EXTENDED REMIX

Dear YERTians,

Greetings from a delightful floor in Ann Arbor, Michigan! While my brave co-travelers are out catching up on what I hope to be a not-too-depressing dose of pop-culture (Ben and Julie are out watching Sicko), I opted to stay in with you for the evening… to take some time to get intimate. Not like that, sicko! I want to get into your mind.

But first, I’m delighted to share with you a 20 minute remix of YERTpod3: Ask Uncle Sam. If you liked the original, you’ll probably enjoy the extra footage in this new version. Lots of kids. Lots of questions. Fewer answers. If you didn’t like the original, skip on ahead to our little survey and give us a piece of your MIND.

Here’s the new video: YERTpod3.1: Ask Uncle Sam – Extended Remix

Now tell us what you want us to know!

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