New Video – YERTpod3: Ask Uncle Sam

Dear YERTians,

Good evening! Good morning! We have a new video ready for watching: “YERTpod 3: Ask Uncle Sam.”

Just click here or the picture below to watch “YERTpod3: Ask Uncle Sam”

With Ben dressed as Uncle Sam, YERT took to the streets on the 4th of July, hoping to connect with Americans of all ages. We failed miserably! We found Americans solely between the ages of 5 and 12, but we also found that those kids flocked to Ben. And they had way more than 6 minutes of eco “insights” to share, so we took all the scraps off the cutting room floor and assembled them into an Extended Remix, to be revealed soon!

YERTfully Yours,

Julie, Mark, and Ben (Your YERT Team)

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