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This morning we’re on our way to the Hull wind energy facility along the coast of Massachusetts near Boston. We’ll be exploring wind energy and its relative popularity with the locals in this state. I’ve heard that coastal waters are a great place for wind turbines, but beaches traditionally have all sorts of NIMBY restrictions, so it’ll get interesting. Energy or pristine views? Can we have both? We’ll dig into it all this week and share it with you in our MA video pod.

In the meantime, we’ve been assembling our first “on the road” video pod, focusing on coal in Pennsylvania. You’ll see it up later today, after we get back from our day’s excursion. Stay tuned!

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3 thoughts on “Heading to Hull

  1. Hey, if you get this message in time to ask – I’m really curious how bird and bat populations are affected by wind energy. I’ve heard that wind energy is a fantastic renewable resource, but that a number of birds & bats can perish in the windmill blades. However, I don’t know whether to trust the source and I don’t know how serious a problem it is (ex. do birds/bats have to go through an adjustment phase to new windmills or is it an ongoing issue?). If you get this in time, maybe you could ask the Hull company what they’ve noticed? Inquiring minds want to know. Thanks! You guys rock!

  2. Well, the windmill we visited first in Hull, MA, has been operating for over 5 yrs and they have not even had one animal injury or casualty. And the proposed windfarm off Cape Cod is following the model of offshore windfarms in Europe who have track records that show birds particularly avoid them bc they are so big. even in migration.
    they didn’t say anything about bats, though. I think the biggest impact will be on underwater life in the bay for the two years that the farm will be under construction, and that will be significant, but they are hoping to do whatever they can to lessen that impact…

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