…and straight through till morning…

It’s 5:45 am when I wake by myself in the little room and realize the princess beds haven’t been slept in. I have a sneaking suspicion that the boys are still working downstairs…and as i descend the stairs I see that i am right. (Note the clock on the back wall.)

But it was a fruitful night because Ben finally finished editing the launch pod, and Mark spent the next hour getting it all up and running. Go Boys, Go!

Now they are sleeping so they have a little brain for today’s work…and I am just waiting…hey…maybe i could take this time to actually read…

4 thoughts on “…and straight through till morning…

  1. You YERTS go go go!! Aaah, thanks so much for the show and letting us know you’re off & running (but not from the law — at least yet) and OK.
    Jeez, you’d think I was a Jewish grandma. Watching the show I just feel GOOD! So much thanks for your style and wit.

  2. The blog looks great! Love the set up with the grass and everything; a very clean look!

    Glad to be able to read about how you guys are doing and what you are up to.

    I was watching some of your videos last night; and, I’d be curious to hear why you chose the car you did against other options. Did you blog or do another video about it that I missed?

    You also joked in the video about haircare. I don’t know whether it was only a joke, or if it really was an issue; but, I do think that would be an interesting thing for you to blog about too(or other personal care items – like shampoo and soap). I know that I struggle with wanting to buy more “green” products – but they are expensive! And just because the actual product is green, that doesn’t necessarily solve the waste issue with the packaging it comes in. So I’m curious to hear what you are trying or have tried that did/didn’t work, etc.

    Safe travels!

  3. ok heather i am going to blog about this a bit later – so far it’s not interesting bc we are using people’s hair care that are already in their showers… bc it is easy and offered to us…but i really am going to need to find somebody to but my hair at some point…i just cant leave it to my husband…

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