New Video: LaunchPod!

Dear YERTians,

Greetings from New Jersey! We’re nearly two weeks into this YERT thing, and we’re already totally bored. Hah! Not even close. We’ve been packing the eco-goodness into every second of every day, and we’re thrilled to have you along for the ride. Today, and every Tuesday, we plan to put up a new video for you to enjoy. This week, check out the YERT LaunchPod!

In this week’s YERT Update:

  • New Video: LaunchPod!
  • YERTivities and Eco-Meat
  • YERT Needs a Web Developer


In the LaunchPod you’ll meet the guy who sold our “YERTmobile” to us. You’ll watch YERT day being officially declared in Pittsburgh. You’ll experience the Pittsburgh pieroghi festivities at our Pre-launch Party. You’ll witness our car-packing strife. And you’ll see our very first destination AND learn the name of our vehicle. It is no longer “YERTmobile.” It is… for you to watch and discover.

If you’re tired of all the “pre-launch” and “launch” related stuff, relax! We’ll be getting to the eco-meat of the journey soon. And we’ve got footage to prove it: we’ve toured a coal mine and talked to a miner, we became Uncle Sam to discuss energy conservation with children, dehydrated ourselves while attending Al Gore’s “Live Earth” concert in New Jersey, visited a perpetually burning town, filmed an “energy audit” in Pittsburgh, met up with a few fellow TreeHuggers, fondled wild turtle eggs, explored a couple of Superfund sites, and experienced a hundred mini-eco-delights in between, particularly including organic oatmeal. Most of these experiences can be found on our blog, and we’ll be pulling them into polished videopods just as soon as we can.

So, we’re hungry for a web developer to help us deploy a brand new version of the YERT website, complete with bells and whistles and pretty buttons and dials. We’ve got it all designed, but we need a technical web wizard to spin it all together for us. If you are such a person, or know such a person, we’d love to connect. We have a little money for this, but volunteers are encouraged to apply– and they will be handsomely rewarded with an exclusive YERT Shert if they give us a break on the bill. 🙂 Call Mark at 415-672-5537 to discuss the design and technical requirements, or use e-mail:

Now sit back, enjoy, and save the world a little bit more today.

YERTfully Yours,

Mark, Ben, and Julie

P.S. YERT is not affiliated with the Rachel Carson Homestead, but the YERT team thanks Rachel Carson for her life’s work and seeks to build upon her environmental legacy with the deepest respect, and a little bit of fun.

2 thoughts on “New Video: LaunchPod!

  1. Hey Guys,

    Glad things are off to a fun start, except for Ben’s kidney stone-ouch!

    I’m working with the sustainability council on campus here at UAA and have “introduced” them to YERT! There are lots of committed and dedicated people that want to meet you all next summer when you hit Alaska!

    The videos are great and I love seeing you all over the web and hearing the stories and adventures. Keep up the good work.

    Erin Dagon Mitchell

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